Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Governor & Gossip

Gossip isn't our normal cup of tea here, but we can't resist.
A conversation with a Republican operative provided laundry list of potential Republican candidates for governor in 2010: Rep. Steve Pearce; Darren White, Bernalillo County sheriff; and Susana Martinez, Las Cruces-based district attorney for the Third Judicial District. Pat Lyons, commissioner of public lands didn’t make this list, but must be added for two reasons. He is the highest ranking Republican state official and governor is on his 2010 options list.
Pearce and Lyons would have two huge advantages over White and Martinez. As high-level elected officials, they have a donor network in place, considerably easing the fund raising problem. Pearce also would bring personal wealth. White and Martinez have raised money for their successful campaigns, but nothing on the scale of a governors race.
Money counts. The price for admission into a competitive primary is $1 million.

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