Thursday, July 5, 2007

Department of Labor

It isn't the Department of Labor any more. It is the Department of Workforce Solutions, a naming winner behind only "Expo New Mexico" in its obfuscation. There is much more to the department than "Workforce Solutions," whatever that means.
I found this via the Web site when looking for the quarterly covered wage employment report. (Name may not be quite right). Then I tried calling the research and statistics section which seems to have disappeared and been reincarnated as Labor Market Information. The telephone, for two R&S numbers, said, "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties." I then called the number listed on the Web site for the delightfully named PIO, Carlos Castaneda. It kicked to voice mail. The Web site number is different from the phone book. Then it was the first number listed in the phone book under Office of the Secretary which turned out to be the director of administrative services. It said the director was on the phone. I punched zero and was cut off. There was no number of the Secretary listed in the phone book.

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