Thursday, July 5, 2007

Very Small New Mexico Businesses

New Mexico is a state of very small businesses. In fact, 116,614 New Mexico firms don’t even have employees. Of course, total sales for the group aren’t that great, only $4.5 billion in 2005, according to the Census Bureau. That’s about $38,350 each. The Census Bureau compiles the information from tax returns. The largest number of non-employee businesses are found in the professional, scientific and technical services category, which sounds a lot like “consultant.” Only 89 are found in the utility category. It is a bit difficult to imagine a utility without employees.
About 41% of the businesses are in metro Albuquerque, around Albuquerque’s proportion of the New Mexico population, and earn $1.9 billion, a proportionate share of the $4.5 million.
Harding County had 55 firms without employees in 2005.

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