Monday, July 2, 2007

New Mexico Roads

This is the summary of New Mexico's road conditions from the "16th Annual Report on the Performance
of State Highway Systems (1984–2005)" of the Reason Foundation, a libertarian-oriented think tank. The full report, with state rankings in each category, is in the Policy Reports section at
"In 2005, New Mexico reported 12,205 miles under the state control. The state
ranked 4th in the overall performance ratings in 2005. This represents a sharp
improvement from 2000 when the state ranked 27th. Its best ratings were for rural
interstate condition (1st), capital/bridge disbursements per mile of responsibility
(5th), urban interstate congestion (9th), receipts per mile of responsibility (10th),
deficient bridges (12th), total disbursements per mile of responsibility (13th) and rural primary
pavement condition (16th). Its worst ratings were for fatality rate (43rd) and administrative
disbursements per mile of responsibility (35th). New Mexico’s solid condition ratings are more than
enough to offset its high fatality rate and administrative costs."

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