Thursday, July 26, 2007

Zia Pueblo & Aztec

Zia Pueblo continues to remind us that the Zia sun sysmbol, long since unofficially enshrined at the symbol of New Mexico, started with the pueblo. A billboard on U.S. 550, near Zia's entrance, says, "Zia Pueblo. Home of the Zia Sun Symbol."
Street repair in Aztec offers evidence of other policies. We don't know those policies, but we do know people make choices and stuff happens. Or doesn't happen. In March, driving through Aztec, we found several blocks of Main Street destroyed. One observation was that Aztec's residents who are customers Citizens Bank undergo a serious hassle banking at the Aztec branch. Our July 24 observation is that Main Street is still destroyed. Some of the details are different, but far from different enough to be explained by steady work for four months. The next day, July 25, we found that Aztec's commuters have been given a bonus, a street resurfacingon N.M. 516 in front of West Side Plaza. The guess is that Aztec has taken a page from the construction scheduling approach of Albuquerque Public Schools and a page from Santa Fe's street repair timing manual.

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