Saturday, July 28, 2007

Richardson Coal Report

Gov Bill Richardson scored a short story in the July 28 edition of The Economist, a news and business magazine based in London, England. He can't have been happy with the story. It was headlined: The Politics of Indian Coal. The story begins by saying, incorrectly, that "The cornerstone of Bill Richardson's cacmpaign for the Democratic nomination has been his his efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions."
"A" cornerstone, maybe. "The" cornerstone, no. That is the Richardson resume.
The story takes Richardson to task for being quiet, until recently, about the proposed 1,500MW coal-fired Desert Rock electrical generating station on Navajo Nation land. Navajos led by Joe Shirley, Navajo president, love the plant. The Navajo power authority will be part owner. The tribe will get jobs and money. Environmentalists and other Navajos oppose the plant for the usual reasons. The new Richardson comment, reported in the story, is that the plant's carbon dioxide emissions would make Richardson's "aggressive greenhouse-gas reduction goals difficult—if not impossible—to meet." The story did not say that Richardson now opposes Desert Rock.
Uranium is different for the Navajo Nation which has banned new uranium on tribal land to the joy of the enviros.

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