Thursday, July 12, 2007

Interim Committees

The Web site of the New Mexico legislature ( lists 23 committees under the heading, "Interim Committees." This may be accurate in the sense that the groups meet during the interim, the time between legislative sessions. But nuances exist. Within the 23, there are three task forces, two permanent committees with their own staff (Legislative Finance and the Legislative Education Study), 17 that appear to be true interim committees and the Legislative Council, a permanent committee that oversees the Legislative Council Service.
Capitol Report New Mexico will publish the committee work plans in our next issue, set to appear around September 1. Some of the longer plans may be summarized in the magazine with the complete version posted at
Our first look at about half the work plans shows fascinating and important topics being considered.
The Land Grant Comittee will consider implications of granting political subdivision status to community land grants.
The Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Committee will "review the work and recommendations of the blue ribbon tax task force" and address "development of a long-range plan for tax policy and tax changes in the state."
Two committees, Economic and Rural Development and Revenue Stabilization, will look at economic development tax incentives.
Possibly the most obscure of the bunch, the Legislative Structure and Process Study Task Force, may have the biggest task—"developing a series of recommendations to help the legislature conduct its work and perform its duties in a more effective and efficient manner."

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