Friday, July 27, 2007

Job Growth Down

The state's newly designated Department of Workforce Solutions reports the the statewide unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, dropped to a record low of 3.2% in June. The year over year job growth rate continued down from the June 2006 peak of 3.6%. Since June 2006, New Mexico has added 12,700 jobs, a 1.5% increase.
Statewide, construction has lost 200 jobs in the past year.
Wage jobs in Albuquerque just barely grew during the June-to-June year with a 1,000 job increase, up 0.3%. Over the year, jobs grew 2.7% in Santa Fe, 1.4% in Las Cruces and 1.2% in Farmington.
In Albuquerque, construction and finance lost jobs. Albuquerque construction employment, down 400 for the year, has dropped in five of the first six months of 2007.

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